How I got here

And other interesting facts about me and my artistic journey

Hello! My name's Mirjam and as you've already probably guessed, I am an artist! Drawing and art in general has been my passion my whole life.
Ever since I was first able to pick up a pencil, I have been obsessed! My mother played a good portion on being my inspiration to draw. She never drew too much but nonetheless, that was enough to make me determined to draw ever since, I wanted to be as good as she is.

I was always that kid who quietly sat in a corner in the class and used every free moment to doodle. My first biggest art related dream was achieved when I was about 8 years old; in 2005 I went to an art school! There I spent the next 7 years in. I probably learned most basics for traditional art over there. Once I graduated from art school in 2012, I decided I want to keep going towards learning more art. So I went to another art school, as much as I loved it there, my health had other ideas and sadly I had to quit that school after just one year. I took quite a bit of time off before returning to any schools.
For a few summers I went to plant trees with my dad to earn some extra cash. My art took a big leap in 2015 when I saved up enough money from planting to buy my very first tablet. I had done digital art before that but with a mouse. So thankfully I didn’t start off completely blind. Now the vast majority of my art is done digitally, but I still occasionally go back to good old traditional! Around that time I went to work in a nearby grocery store. I managed to keep that up for around a year. While I was working there I met Martin! His encouragement was all I needed to quit that place. I never missed it and it felt great to leave that part of me behind. It was one hell of a job, but that is a story for another time.
From there things between me and Martin started getting more serious, since then he has been my super wonderful and supportive boyfriend, I swear I would not be here right now if it wasn’t for him. After some time me and Moritz then moved in together with Martin and have been a little cute family ever since!
Since then I was able to start focusing on my art a lot more, mastering my skills and trying to do it professionally as a job. I have been able to upgrade to better equipment to draw with and I am fairly happy with my skill set now.

So, why this website?
Even though I have always posted my art on my various social media, I  wanted something else that would double as a proper portfolio and an easier place for people to see what I can do before commissioning me. This should give a better overview of my art and skills than scattered artwork all over my other social media.
With the help of my lovely Martin, this website is finally a reality!